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What Is ScreenX?

ScreenX is the world’s first multi-projection immersive cinematic platform which provides moviegoers a 270-degree viewing experience by expanding scenes onto the side walls.

Our Concept


Expanded space allows for more creative possibilities.


3 sides of the theater are used to express more of the story.


3-sided surrounding images provide the most immersive experience.

ScreenX Auditorium

FSR(Front-Side Ratio) Criteria The FSR of 1:1.5 - 1:2.0 is recommended Front defines screen width of the auditorium. It’s not a wall-to-wall width of the auditorium. Side means the length from the screen edge to the last row of seats.

For Futher Inquiries

ScreenX Solution

Integrated system combining hardware and software of ScreenX Solution

  • Theater Systems

    Multi-projection and synchronization technology specialized in cinema

  • Contents

    Content reconstruction technology according to the structure of the auditorium

  • Management

    Screening system and contents management technology of multiple auditoriums

ScreenX is the first in the world to combine multi-projection technology with theater screen and project images on the outside wall of the front screen to create a new immersion experience for the audience. The ScreenX team has developed an integrated system, ScreenX Solution, that combines hardware and software, based on CGV's expertise in theater systems, operation and installation know-how, and user experience analysis capabilities. ScreenX Solution is a technology that synchronizes all the functions from screening DB analysis to image correction, playback and management, and synchronizes them with existing digital cinema system.

Acquisition of 80 patents related to multi-projection system in Asia, Europe and North America

  • Projection Technology
  • Contents Screening Technology
  • Production Technology
  • Operation Technology
  • Security Technology

ScreenX Solution is a multi-projection technology capable of automatic content reconstruction according to various auditorium structure, integration quality management and distribution to theaters. It has obtained 73 patents related to multi-projection system in Asia, Europe and North America.

  • Multi-projection system(application number: 10-2012-0081376/ 10-2012-0130113/ 10-2012-0130108)
  • Image correction system and method for multi-screening (application number: 10-2012-0130112)
  • Projection device management system (application number: 10-2012-0130111)
  • Multi-projection system(application number: CN 201310289212, China)
  • Projection device management system (application number: EP 13175920.1)
  • Registered US patent as ‘Multi-projection system’ (application number: US 13/667,364)

ScreenX Solution capable of playback in various theater environments through One Source Distribution

ScreenX Solution, originally developed by CGV, implements One Source Distribution which allows playback in various auditorium environments through one-time production of contents. In addition, a multi-projection technology that allows images by multiple projectors to be shown as a single image has been developed to be suitable for featuring. Furthermore, ScreenX Solution can be operated simultaneously with the auditorium system and is designed for continuous quality control.

ScreenX Mastering Unit Digital Cinema System ScreenX Projector

ScreenX Movie

Previously shown

Meg 2: The Trench


Previously shown

Gran Turismo


Previously shown

Mission: Impossible - Dead Reckoning Part One


Previously shown

The Flash


Movie Making Process

ScreenX’s creative process is largely defined into two categories: Shooting and Conversion.
For shooting, our team is equipped with a variety of rig solutions that would create an optimal panoramic image quality.
Numerous projects have been created into both formats and received great attention from critics worldwide.


01. Production

  • Scene Selction/Pre-production
  • ScreenX On-Set Shooting
  • Data Archiving

Shot compositions of the scenes are selected in Pre-Production and shot simultaneously with the production crew.
ScreenX is equipped with rig solutions for various camera set ups.

02. Post

  • CG Asset Delivery
  • ScreenX Wing Production
  • Color Grading

Wing post production is focused on enhancing the shot data with VFX and color grading

03. Release

  • Mastering
  • Wing Encryption
  • Distribution

After production ScreenX Wing is encrypted and sent out for distribution


01. Conversion

  • Scene Selction
  • Asset Delivery
  • ScreenX Wing Production
  • Color Grading

ScreenX Conversion is an ideal solution for feature films involved in the post production stage.
The ScreenX effect is created within our team to optimize the immersive experience.

02. Release

  • Mastering
  • Wing Encryption
  • Distribution

After production ScreenX Wing is encrypted and sent out for distribution

Our Partners

ScreenX was selected as a “Shared Growth Support Project for Next Generation Contents” under the Korean government’s Ministry of Science and ICT in 2014. It was also selected in January of 2015 in the private and public joint “Future Growth Engine Area Flagship Projects” attracting the industry’s attention as a new cinematic technology to lead the future film market.