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World's largest ScreenX display opens in new Liberty B&B movie theater

LIBERTY, Mo. – Movie lovers have a new record-setting way to watch a movie in the Kansas City area.

B&B Theaters is scheduled to open a new theater Thursday afternoon in Liberty with the world's largest panoramic-style screen called ScreenX. 

The attraction is one way movie theaters can compete with the growing number of people who'd rather watch a movie at home.

“I don't have this in my house. Everybody has a kitchen, but people still go out to restaurants. They still go out for the experience, to get something they don't have in their own homes. We're excited about the technology evolving in home and in theater, but definitely excited to be providing this type of immersive experience to our guests,” explained Paul Farnsworth, the director of public relations at B&B Theaters.

The ScreenX is a cinematic platform using 10 projectors to display a movie on the walls in front and on the sides of the viewer, creating a 270-degree screen immersing the viewer in an expansive experience. A ticket to see a movie on ScreenX costs $8 extra. Farnsworth said about 40 percent of the movie utilizes the three screens, most of it is displayed on the front wall in the traditional way. 

“I came in as kind of a skeptic. I said, 'I already have a huge screen, what more do I need?' I saw eight minutes of Black Panther, I saw footage from Ant-Man and the Wasp which is the film we'll open here this weekend — it blew me away,” Farnsworth said. 

According to the website, movie theaters sold fewer tickets in 2017 than any year since 1992. B&B Theaters has been in business for 94 years. Farnsworth said the company’s theaters have evolved to turn going to the movie into an even more entertaining experience. Its theaters offer screenPLAY, which has a playground for children to use 30 minutes prior to the movie beginning, and MX4D screens, which have seats that vibrate, spray wind and mist at you to correlate with moments in the movie. 

The B&B Theaters Liberty Cinema 12 will accept MoviePass. It is located at 1903 Victory Dr, Liberty, MO 64068.