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What Is ScreenX AD?

ScreenX AD is the world’s first multi-screen advertisement maximizing visual immersion by expanding the scenes onto the side walls.

The theater that has existed for the front screen for the last 100 years transforms into a three-dimensional experience space.

We have been completely transforming and trying new visual communications.
By creatively using the three sides of the theater, the audience will be able to experience new and amazing experiences that they have never experienced before.

What’s the Difference?

Visual Creative

Unique images acquired through various creative techniques


Provide visual immersion and realistic experience through wide panoramic views

More Effective

decrease aversion and increase brand awareness by recognizing ads as part of work of art

ScreenX AD delivers values, such as presence, impression and attention, as well as superior ads effect over regular screen AD.

Audience Response

Customer satisfaction survey

It has been reported that ScreenX AD provides moviegoers higher ‘realism', 'fun' and 'brand awareness' than existing screen ads.

  • Ad Satisfaction 72%
  • Ad Attention 76%
  • Brand Feeling 73%

Source: 2013 consumer analysis report

Verified by KAIST research

Kaist, through neuroscientific research, has reported that ScreenX AD delivers higher immersion, ads / brand awareness, and purchase intent than general theater ad does.

  • 2D
  • ScreenX
Ad awareness
2D 5.3
ScreenX 5.8
Brand awareness
2D 5.7
ScreenX 6.0
Purchase intent
2D 4.9
ScreenX 5.6

Study method: 9-point scale

Korea Advanced Institute for Science and Technology

Source: 'Taking immersive environment to the next level:
Effects of Ads in theater-sized surrounded projection technology (2015)

Byungho Park, Professor, KAIST College of Business

Ads effect survey

According to Hankook Research, the effect of ScreenX AD has been rated higher to influence purchase

ScreenX AD Comparison Index

I.E Index
Memory Duration
Influence on purchase

Hankook Research Theater Satisfaction Survey (2014)

I.E Index: Index consists of interest, concentration, memory duration, and influence on purchase.

Defined as the relative measure of ScreenX AD value when the value of the I.E Index and its components of general theaters are kept as 100.

ScreenX AD Production Type

The methods of creating ScreenX advertisement include Full Creation, which is to create all three sides from the start, and Wing Creation, which is to create additional contents on the left and right sides matching the content on the main screen.

ScreenX Sponsorship

ScreenX brand sponsorship provides a differentiated brand experience for both customers and advertisers.

<Kia Motors> Branded Auditorium in CGV Cheongdam(Korea)
<True> Branded Auditorium in Major Cineplex(Thailand)
<Turkcell> Branded Auditorium in Cinemaximum(Turkey)

ScreenX Clients

ScreenX AD’s successful performance has proven its effectiveness with top global brands.

ScreenX provides an unrivaled experience for audiences
ScreenX conveys the marketed message more accurately than any other media.
Exciting and fascinating!
What a wonderful immersion!
It is completely new and amazing.
We are willing to invest a series of contents in ScreenX